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2017 Crystal Cup Schedule

Here is the opening schedule for this year's Crystal Cup beginning Saturday, February 18th at 10:00am.

Please note that this is a Modified Double Round Knockout with Consolation style tournament.

Teams only need to know their first game time and all other games will be decided following the previous games played. Notice to all teams that there may be back to back games.


Saturday, February 18th


10:00am - 10:35am

Rink#1 AceHoles vs. IceHawks

Rink#2 The Cunning Stunts vs. Outlaw Offroad

Rink#3 Puck Heads vs. Tomco Blue Dragons

Rink #4 4th Liners vs. EI Benefits

Rink#5 IceHoles vs. Odd Job Jim's

Rink#6 No-Ra Gretzky's vs. VE Brandl

Rink#7 One Cupcake vs. Icoholics

Rink#8 Perry Holmes vs. Murray GM

Rink#9 Height Howler's vs. PCR

Rink#10 Ironhide vs. Drunk Phucks


11:00am - 11:35am

Rink#1 Big League vs. Watt's

Rink#2 Getting Passy vs. Prairie Thunder Thighs

Rink#3 Epscan vs. Spitfire Machetes

Rink#4 Strad Chiefs vs. The Dirty Steve's

Rink#5 Harewood Hillbillies vs. Jiffy Lube Frozen Members

Rink#6 D&T Disposal vs. The Pylons

Rink#7 The Rusty Blades vs. The Bandits

Rink#8 Griffins vs. Nalco Champions

Rink#9 CC Executive vs. Silky Dangles

Rink#10 Shooting Blanks vs. Draco Falcons


12:00pm - 12:35pm

To be announced via tournament board on site


1:00pm - 1:35pm

Rink#1 Big League vs. Rapid

Rink#2 Iceholes vs. One Cupcake

Rink#3 No-Ra Gretsky's vs. Iceholics

Rink#4 Odd Job Jim's vs. VE Brandl


2:00pm On

To be announced via tournament board on site



The Team's for this year's Crytsal Cup include:

Open Division:

  • Ace Holes
  • Ice Hawks
  • The Cunning Stunts
  • Outlaw Offroad
  • Puck Heads
  • Tomco Blue Dragons
  • 4th Liners
  • E.I Benefits
  • Perry Homes
  • Murray GM
  • Height Howler's
  • Peace Country Rentals
  • Iron Hide
  • Strad Chiefs
  • Getting Passy
  • Prairie Thunder Thigh's
  • Epscan
  • Spitfire Machetes
  • Drunk Phucks
  • The Dirty Steve's
  • Harewood Hillbillies
  • Jiffy Lube Frozen Members
  • D & T Disposal The Pylons
  • The Rusty Blades
  • Bandits
  • Griffin's
  • Nalco Champion's
  • CC Executive
  • Silky Dangles
  • Shooting Blanks
  • Draco Falcons


Coal Cup

  • Big League Oil Barons
  • Watt's Industries
  • Rapid Relics


Sapphire Cup

  • Iceholes
  • Odd Job Jim's Mexican Hangover
  • One Cupcake Over the Line
  • No Ra-Gretzky's
  • VE Brandl Gold Diggers
  • Iceoholics


For more information about The Crystal Cup Pond Hockey Challenge:

Organizer:  Neil Evans  250 793 4524



Help us make the Crystal Cup better than ever!  We're looking for sponsors, donations of time, materials, equipment and more.  Find out how you can get involved by clicking on the links below.